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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I think it is getting to critics but not so much with audiences. I think big budget movies in general were dished out too much this year. Alot of bombs, I think 3 or 4 made the top 15 flops of all time.

Elysium just really disappointed me. From what I've seen the R rated clips of Kick-Ass 2 look great and very much like the comic. I think my favorite flick of the summer was This Is The End. But IM3 and Wolverine are not far behind. Next year should be insane with the CB movies.
Yeah, I think your right, critics seem to have the attitude of "oh no not another one" where as we are itching for the next one. But the critics are supposed to be there for us, not themselves, I think a lot of the established order are way out of touch with audiences these days, but thats the way of things as ever.

I have been to the cinema more times this year than any other,as its a lot cheaper now, but I cant say I have seen more great films in fact probably less. There have been some major dissapointments this year. I liked MoS but it wasnt quite what I expecting, IM3 was a big step down from Avengers last year and Oblivion was another let down as the trailers looked so good. Last year with Avengers,TDKR and Dredd there were three great CBM, this year we have had one so far.

I shall look forward to Elysium but I am expecting great things from it even though reception is mixed. KickAss 2 could be fun but I fear that they wont be able to capture the magic of the first, we shall see.

Yes maybe next year will be better, I do hope so

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