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Default Re: How could this version of Superman support BIZARRO?

First, MOS rocked ! Best super-hero film of 2013 !

Okay, now to business.

Here's my theory, interestingly a few of you have posted similar stuff, but
this is my variation.

MOS 2 (not Batman vs Superman, that's a different movie altogether)
anyway, MOS 2 is Superman, Luthor (probably Mark Strong at this point, anybody else want to weigh in on that one?) and Bizarro (probably have to be played by Henry Cavill)

Luthor harvests some tech from the crashed scout ship (maybe it actually landed on that building with the LexCorp sign, which would give him proprietary rights to it's a law thing, forget about it)

Anyway, Luthor salvages some of the tech including the damaged genesis chambers. Using these he tries to grow his own superman. The chambers are damaged so the product is flawed, and the result is Bizarro !

Now I reckon to work on the big screen Bizarro would have to be quite a sympathetic character, or at least not simply a mentally-retarded version of Superman (which is essentially what he is in the comics). That's just going to come off as dumb. Sort of he's got Clark's memories, but knows he's not Clark,
could be an interesting scene between Bizarro and Diane Lane, as Martha,
if Bizarro tries to go "home"

Naturally, Supes and Bizarro eventually come to blows. Could be interesting seeing Superman literally fighting himself. Might end up something like the John Byrne version of Bizarro back in 1986), with Bizarro's form being unstable
and Superman reluctantly having to destroy him. If you haven't read the comic, it's cool.

Anyway, I see a nice juxtaposition of the sympathetic Bizarro, with a
really nasty Luthor character.

Thoughts people ?

On a separate note, Benedict Cumberbatch as Braniac ! Come on people, feel the awesomeness - he does cerebral characters better than anyone and was balls nasty as Khan, imagine him as Braniac.

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