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Default Re: Who should Write MOS 2?

Loved MOS, Goyer and Nolan nailed it ! But, I agree with the guy who
said it should be Chris Nolan and Jonah Nolan who pen the sequel

We're not talking Batman vs Superman here, because I don't see that
as an MOS sequel.

BM v SM is like the Avengers (remember how Thor got 1 movie to set
up the character, then showed up to lay down the hammer in Avengers?)

but MOS 2 is a different film, and I reckon to really make it work
it has to be 20% Goyer, 40% Chris Nolan and 40 % Jonah Nolan (apparently
he goes by Jonah). That's the genius team behind TDK, which was a big
step up from the highly respectable Batman Begins.

So, yup, keep a little Goyer, but plug in a ton of Nolan !

Here's why. Goyer writes action, but Nolan give characters heart and
an arc ( look at Inception, one of the best examples of character arc

Okay, that's my 2c, Peace people, looking forward to MOS 2.

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