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Default Re: Man of Steel does have kryptonite

I tend to agree with those of you who said that instead of the glowing green stuff, Snyder and co are using the Krypton atmospherics to weaken Supes.
It's a basic rule of Superman stories, you either have villains with comparable powers, or you weaken Superman. (can't see Snyder/Nolan bringing in magic, well at least I hope not).
The world engine would be hard to salvage, after it exploded !

Sounds fair to me, maybe "Red Sun" solar radiation (same wavelength as Rao) will feature.
Which I suppose a guy like Luthor could work out. If he could work out the position of Krypton, he could locate its sun, and then work out what particular wavelengths of light it put out (then again those would probably thousands if not millions of years old). Hey, it's a movie about Superman, so really, it only needs to sound plausible, not actually be plausible.

Or what about this. The scout ship crashed in metropolis. It would still contain kryptonian tech, maybe something in that ship gives off radiation that Kal is particularly sensitive to ? Maybe even a weapon of some kind (like those blasters).

Peace people, bring on MOS 2.

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