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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

I agree with those who said that BM v SM will be more like Avengers, (so It's not MOS 2)

Personally, I agree with what Nolan said a few years back that Supes and Batman are such big characters they deserve their own films. It will really depend on how they approach the movie, is it a Superman film with a Batman cameo, a Batman film with a Superman cameo, or a 50/50 split ?

they'll still need some other villains because even the DKR Batman/supes throwdown, can't be as epic as Superman vs Zod, for sheer apocalyptic destruction (no apologies,
from me, I liked that !).

It'll be interesting to see just how Batman figures in this upcoming film, I think it's success/failure will greatly depend on casting. I'm pushing for Gerard Butler myself, but
who knows ?

I reckon an essential issue is source material, and the problem with Dark Knight returns is that it's a Batman story, if not THE Batman story, possibly the best Batman story ever. If anything it would be good source material for a final film (end of a trilogy ) of films featuring Bats and Supes.

I reckon better source material might be "For the Man who has everything" , but that's just me.

As some have said, this film could be a winner if Jonah Nolan comes on board. He and Chris were the genius team behind TDK, arguably the greatest Batman film if not greatest Superhero film ever (although I alternate between TDK and MOS depending on my mood, man I loved MOS).

Anyway, I agree with the guy who said, "wait until you see it" I went into MOS all "Superman doesn't kill. This is wrong, this movie is going to be crap." and came out
a true believer, I absolutely loved it. If BM vs SM is as good as MOS, I'll be cheering.

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