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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Well BLAKE is actually more difficult in the main comic line.
the Blake that found the stick that turned Blake into Thor was a COPY of a guy who Jane foster marries later in life (completely brain farting his name) ANYWAY Blake was given false memories and made lame to teach Thor Humility. so basically it really wasn't a secret Identity. eventually Blake was erased from everyones memories and place into limbo after Thor had learned humility.
after a Ragnarok Thor returns to Earth to face Destroyer and gets blasted BAD mortally scorched. To HEAL he was placed into Jake Olsen and Jake was an emt who could access Thor's memories AND Blakes memories.

In the Ultimates Universe, Balder took on the identity of Dr. Blake who was a psychologist.
I think all that Keith Kincaid madness was retconned as soon as it started. Talk about creepy. It was only ever used to give Jane a 'happy ending' but it was not satisfying at all and very very bizarre. Donald was never a problem concept Simonson got rid of him and then it got increasingly more convoluted as writers tried to be 'clever' with it.

JMS swept all that crap away and introduced his own ones, (separate people, astral projection, no). Fraction then got lazy had massive plot holes and non-explanations and got rid of him again. Which is futile because after 'God of Thunder' has gone so out there, Thor is going to go more earth bound again in contrast. How do you fix the JMS/Fraction mess then?

Donald is Clark Kent to Thor's Superman with a hint of Cap Marvel's more realistic transformation. That's it.

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