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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

Originally Posted by Paladin-Hoss View Post
CBM has replaced the action genre...more or less.People knows that if they want spectacle, CBM is the place to go.This CBM fatique that some people-mostly critics-keep mentioning for a few years now, is not gonna happen anytime soon.
Yes it pretty much has, the action genre is a bit hit and miss these days, cant seem to move on from the 80's still trying to use the nostalgia of Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger in things like Expendable's which is pretty average and the last Die Hard was just

There is the odd success like Bourne but CBM's really have taken their place at the box office, I guess it also comes down to the tastes of the audience too and CBM's have the great advantage of appealing to young as well as old which significantly pushes up the $ appeal to the suits.

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