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Default Re: Man of Steel does have kryptonite

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
^ Snyder said he never said it DIDN'T EXIST. He's never 100% confirmed that it does, either, though.

You don't have to participate in these types of discussions, and your obvious trolling doesn't help anything.
Actually yes he has on many occasions, he never used the words that it does not exist, but that it is not used in any way shape or form in Man Of Steel.

The point of Kryptonite is that it's pieces of Krypton that been exposed to endless amounts of radiation in space during its trip from Krypton to Earth, that's what makes it deadly, not that it's from Krypton alone.

Superman was weak because they didn't come out and say it but the Black Zero has a Red Sun type environment, that's what weakened him and that's what was being pumped out of the World Engine.

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