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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

As much as I didn't like the Mandarin twist at first, it's grown on me a little more. I would still have preferred the version we were shown in the trailer. But I've accepted the Killian version a little better now.

That leaves me with two complaints:

1) The PTSD thing. It was great that they attempted to give the character another obstacle to overcome, especially from within. But he didn't seem to struggle much with it and he got over it pretty easily. He was joking about it half the time, even when he would have his "panic attacks," and all it took was for the kid telling him to build something to get over it. That wasn't too much conflict IMO.

and 2) Speaking of a lack of conflict, the Air Force One rescue was the most overrated scene in the MCU so far IMO. The fact that Stark was controlling to suit from another location with his headpiece (that I don't remember him having leading up to that, someone correct me if I'm wrong there) took away any threat to him whatsoever. They turned it from a man in a suit to a man with a remote control car. Stark was never in real danger in that scene. He had nothing at stake aside from rescuing the people on the plane. It just ruined it for me.

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