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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Originally Posted by YavinIV View Post
The WWII-thingie did seem random... I had the feeling that they had been trying to figure out which time setting could be used without contradicting the other films while having the audience have a particular relation to this specific time. I mean, WWII is still a touchy subject, makes up for a 'good film set up' and provides enough drama and action to start a film with. Plus, so far, we have experienced Wolverine in a lot of different settings, and WWII seemed to be the easiest choice to continue/start with.
It appeared to be more of an arbitrary decision though - as I am not too familiar with the comic books and have seen the other films only once or twice I am part of the 'average-knowledge-audience'- so it made me wonder what on earth Wolverine was doing in Japan during WWII.
For me personally, this had the consequence that the character Wolverine seemed even more impalpable, distant, mysterious. I have never actually felt anything for the character, as in 'Do I like him now? - Do I hate him? - Sympathy? Maybe yes, maybe no...I don't know.'
Not at all random or arbitrary but the narrative structure that led to Wolverine getting on that plane to go to Japan. i thought it worked fine.

Another thing I didn't quite enjoy: If he's mortal/violable...why didn't his claws leave bleeding gaps? Or did I miss some essential information about them?
No idea about the claws thing. It's a minor point. We've never ever seen his skin ripping, bleeding and healing where the claws come out, so they evidently stuck with that idea during the time he wasn't healing as much. Could be to do with the rating, could be just a visual choice.

Also, while at some point I started to have the feeling that I'm getting the grip on the character I thought that the train and heart surgery scenes were unnecessarily over the top. I love over the top-ness but I had just gotten used to the idea that we get more character explanation/development and really enjoyed to see a somehow different Wolverine and then these scenes drop by and cut the connection I'd built up to the character moments before.
I loved that bullet train sequence. I don't see how an action scene ruins all the characterisation that comes before or after it. That characterisation still exists.

And the heart surgery scene was him overcoming the suppression of his healing power. There had to be some sort of mechanism for the suppression of that mutant power, and therefore that mechanism would then be removed.
It was cleverly done to keep a 12A rating. It was also there to follow on from Yukio's revelation that she saw him die, and thus introducing the idea of vulnerability. I actually thought he was going to die in this film, I really did. Not during the surgery, but nonetheless it was to show the real danger he was in.

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