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Default Re: Marvel One-Shots

So I was thinking again about the interview with D'Esposito that RH posted above, particularly the obstacles he mentioned:

“I’ve been asked many times too, would you introduce new characters?” D’Esposito says. “That even proves to be very difficult, just from a cost perspective. What does the costume look like? Who is the actor playing it? A lot of R&D goes into it. We have a great concept department here, a visual development department, and it takes time.”
“It’s very complicated to do: who plays those characters? And designing the costume, getting it going … We tried,” D’Esposito says. “We were there in development, and we tried, but they were very difficult for all the reasons I gave. And we don’t want to do something that’s half baked because it’s not good for us and it’s not good for our fans.”
And it made me think about another option: villains. Expand the number of villains in the MCU via the one-shots.

It can be a villain that never even features in a film, someone who is nobody's nemesis. Off the top of my head, someone like Grey Gargoyle (for example). A ten minute short about a scientist who invents a serum that puts people in suspended animation for an hour and uses it to rob a bank. Pretty simple and inexpensive, and if people respond to it Marvel can use him in an Agents of SHIELD episode or something.

Another way to take this would be to expand on villains who already exist in the MCU, because MCU fans are not necessarily the same as comic fans. In this vein, i'm thinking specifically of Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns/The Leader. I'd love to take 10-15 minutes to see what he's been up to since TIH, and I can't be the only one!

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