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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

A lot happened between BB and TDK too, and not all of it was how the ending of BB pointed to. "I'll look into it." Eh, not so much, actually you won't take it that seriously and continue focusing on the mob. Then there's the introduction of Dent as the new DA. Unbeknownst to us during BB, this guy was earning his stripes at Internal Affairs investigating corrupt cops and now he's this political superstar that everyone believes in. Oh, and Gordon now runs a Major Crimes Unit full of cops that Dent investigated. Boom instant tension between Gordon and the new guy. Oh, and Dent is dating Rachel too, so instant tension between Bruce and the new guy. Also, for some reason every gang in Gotham has been pooling its money together.

All of that stuff is great though. Allowing for these off-screen developments makes the world feel so much larger in scope and keeps the story ahead of us. All of the movies are standalone films that complete a thematic trilogy. Yes, there are strong plot threads connecting them, but each film really is a different genre so some plot points become more/less important in each film. I get that 8 years was too much for some people to swallow and I respect that, but it seemed to fit the epic tone they were going for to me. The events and aftermath of TDK becomes a part of the history of this world, rather than platform for continued plot developments. They respected TDK by not making TDK 2.

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