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Originally Posted by BlackFox View Post
TDK is as good as it gets for me, for me it was a game changer that is the benchmark now. I like SM2 a lot but it just cant compete with TDK, but then what can at the moment.
It is very difficult that any director brings so much talent to a superhero movie, under the studio's executives pressure (bring a love interest, more humor here and such) and that, at the same time, is not just copying of the pre-existing movies.

I can count only three superhero movies than have been game changers and have brought something really new to the genre: Superman the movie, Batman and TDK.

Originally Posted by RedBlueWonder View Post
Senator Pleasurey- I never thought I would see the day were you defend a Rami Spidey film and I would be criticising it.
Hahaha, with all its problems, SM2 was a great movie, one has to keep a minimum of objectivity.

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