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Originally Posted by BlackFox View Post
Exactly. Sometimes it can be down to even blind luck, when all things just happen to fall into place, your in the right place at the right time. Like the Beatles or Nirvana or something similar to that.

The viral marketing at the time, the way the world was back then, the fear of terrorism and CHAOS and Nolan just happened to tap into that. Its either genius or luck or a bit of both.

I'm not saying its perfect, I'm sure somebody will real off a list of plotholes and nitpicks, but no CBM is, hell nothing is but its as good as "serious" comic book movies have gotten to date I feel.
Even Citizen Kane has plot holes. The thing is if the movie doesn't hold itself up on a plot holes basis. But the experience of TDK was so fresh and new and exciting, philosophical (this far better done than in many other movies of the like) and potent that you could tell Nolan wasn't just all bells and whistles. He had something to "say," and I'm not referring to the verbal message necessarily.

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