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Default Re: the TIMELINE thread

DOFP is 10 years after TLS. The "Past" part is 1973 and the "Future" part is 2023. The film goes back and forth between the two timelines (hopefully giving both times a decent amount of screen time).

1962- X: FC
1967- Trask Industries is founded
1973- X: DOFP (past part) and start of Sentinel Program
1975- Logan joins/leaves Team X
1981- Weapon X Program and events at Three Mile Island (XO: W)
1993- Prof. X and Magneto visit Jean Grey
2003- Angel's (Warren) powers manifest
2012- X and X2
2013- X: TLS
2015- The Wolverine
2017- 50 years of Trask Industries and Prof. X and Magneto confront Logan
2023- X: DoFP (future part)


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