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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

This last episode again had promise and again wastes the potential. Also... Really? Tasha and Clint banter should be just a little more mature. Again, MOA thinks viewers like it when heroes are asshats. And now I'm confused? Where does this all fit in the EMH continuity exactly? Because there are some huge things needed to be explained if this is supposed to be a continuation of EMH. I leave it to others to point out all the paradoxes/inconsistencies ect. And this was a really bad looking episode. I was not in love with the designs of EMH at the start, but the animation, voice acting and writing were superb. Here I just feel the reverse. Why do keep watching you may ask? Cuz I love Marvel superheroes and find myself entertained by almost any version of said characters across media. But this show is stretching it.

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