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Default Re: The whole "freak" thing is getting old and makes no sense

The common peoples' reaction to superpowered people as "freaks" is probably due to people fearing what they don't understand, what is different. And as Yoda said in The Franchise Menace, "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate . . ." (You know the rest).

Look at how real people regard those who are considered "abnormal". People with facial deformaties, facial birthmarks, homosexuals, etc. Sure, you will have some people who are tolerant and accepting of those who are different. Yet others are undoubtably going to be intolerant and even violent towards them. Add superpowers to the mix, and you're gonna find people even more intolerant.

In the Marvel Universe you've got Neo-Nazi anti-mutant groups like Friends Of Humanity, who are afraid that if mutants continue to be allowed to mix with "normal humans" the entire human race will be bred out.

This type of knee jerk reaction to things that are new or not understood is a perfectly natural human reaction.

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