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Default Re: Transformers 4 is going to be AWESOME.

You can't walk into this flick expecting something that wasn't in the others. Your just setting yourself for fail.

As much as I hate certain aspects of these films, I love the hell out of them.

I'm expecting the best set pieces, visuals and sound design money can buy. 2 Stand out bot fights. Film trailers that will be so rad, they will force the haters back into theatres. Bad humor. Too much human screen time. Prime owning everything. Awesome Jablonsky soundtrack. DINO BOTS!!!! An autobot saying "Punk Ass Decepticon". Lots of Military shots. Anger due to a cool bot likely biting the dust without getting respect...and hopefully a shot that rivals Megan Fox checking the engine in pt1 or the motorcyle in ROTF

Anything more on the positive side will be a welcomed bonus.

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