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Default Re: Half Happy With The Wolverine - Am I The Only One?


Its a shame you felt underwhelmed by the Wolverine, I know your not the only one, but at least you presented your dissapointment in a sensible and constructive manner, unlike some responses you can find on the internet, so props to you for that.

I'm sure there is nothing I can say to change your mind, the way you feel is the way you feel, and I'm certain you could not alter mine either but as someone who was the opposite to you and very happy with what we got I thought I would respond with my brief thoughts on what made it good for me at least:

- We finally got a Logan who acted like I would imagine from the comic books, mean and angry most of the time, and actually intimidating to people, physically imposing more so than ever before, Hugh really put the effort into him this time and that shone through in his performance both in terms of acting and screen presence.

- This didnt feel like other comic book movies for the most part. It actually spent time developing characters and relationships in the film, it wasnt all just rushing to the next action scene with one liners all the way, it had comedy moments, but it had a heart and soul I found missing in other Marvel films especially. It even dared to be, quiet, in places, some would interpret that as "boring" in a CBM but to me it let the whole movie "breath" and find its own rhythm.

- It dealt with the mental state of the hero in depth, only Batman Begins is another CBM I can think of that even attempted this to any degree of depth.

- It had two outstanding action set pieces for me that are two of the best ever in the CBM genre. The bullet train and Shingen fight will last long in the memory for me and one of which relied on very little CGI effects to achieve.

- It unearthed two great new additions to the xmen world in Yukio and Mariko, two strong female characters at that and avoided, mostly, the usual cliches and tropes about women in CBM's.

Those are just some of my high points, as I said nothing that will change your view, as obviously some of these things you did not interpret in the same way but as you asked for some thoughts from those that loved it I thought I would share them.

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