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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Originally Posted by Gotham's Knight View Post
Really? I have not met a single person in real life that has liked them. The best I've heard was "meh", which I see reflected by the ratings on various sites:

RT: 57%
IMDB: 6.5/10
MC: 51%

RT: 67%
IMDB: 6.7/10
MC: 53%

ROTS does seem to have a lot more positive reception, however. I personally thought it was the best of the three but certainly not very good. Maybe it's just me, but the ratings for the first two just come off as a general "meh".
RT and MC are not exactly websites I use to try to prove a point (that case with the rating about TA vs. TDKR was just to show how pointless they are). IMDB is close to being more in line with what I was talking about, but IMDB is ran by either fanboys or haters. Really, it's the vocal minority that gives a bad name to the prequels, where the fans have just been fed up with going in circles in the same arguments (just like what's happening with TDKR on the internet). As for outside the internet, almost everybody I know likes or loves them, and only three people I know dislike them, yet they don't call them bad.

Eh, let's just not get into an argument about the prequels here.

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