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Default Re: Lol...if i didn´t know the critics and GA´s score for this movie...

Originally Posted by justpassinby View Post
Well, mainly Jedi Thing with the prequels is, once you ignore certain annoying elements of either movie which I really think are more or less universally panned (Jar Jar Binks; the childishness of kid Anakin, and then the cheesy romance subplot in Clones; that balcony scene from III, and couple more), they're pretty much enjoyable adventure movies.
Characters are kind of stoic, not the best plot development etc., but the "general audience" just looks at it and says "hey, that's pretty, hey that was funny, /like" and gives it favorable reviews.

It's only really when you get into the details, discussing storytelling, and how they got the old trilogy wrong, missed opportunities, things that don't make sense, poor character arcs etc., when suddenly the faces start getting longer.
Maybe it's just me but if I feel that a film screws up the storytelling, has bland performances (considering a lot of the cast were good actors too, like Portman, Jackson, McGregor, Neeson, that's saying something), poorly written characters, nonsensical character arcs, etc... I can't find it an enjoyable movie. Well, unless it fails in an enjoyable way like The Room. Man, I love that movie. Awful, of course, but just so enjoyably so.

But, unusually, I agree with most of your post in this case.

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