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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

Originally Posted by darkangel View Post
Cyclops had an off screen death so somehow can explain it.
And Jean is the Phoenix, and the Phoenix is all about resurrect from the ashes.
Also the scenes of Jean in TW can help Singer to put Scott and Jean back in the movies,as the fans want them back, remember Jean said "I'm all alone here" and Cyclops maybe was sent in the future.
Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post
Cyclops death is off screen and could potentially be explained away rather easily, but I'm not sure it would be believable for him to turn up for a significant amount of the film before any change in the timeline. I don't think there's nearly enough space in the film to excuse Cyclops turning up before any timeline change. You really need most of a movie to explain that away and make it meaningful imo.

At most I think an epilogue cameo showing him alive in an alternate timeline, but I'm not hopeful that's happening without good reason to suspect so.
Cyclops dying off screen doesn't mean anything. Jean Grey, the one who killed him, confirmed it and spent the entire movie as an emotional mess because of it, and Xavier had his psychic bond with Cyclops severed, felt his death, and confirmed the death.

Cyclops is dead.

And while Phoenix rises from the ashes in the comics, she is not a cosmic goddess in the movies. In the movies, she is a normal, mortal mutant like everyone else, who survived her first "death" because her powers kept her alive. But she allowed herself to be killed.

Both of these people are dead, and undoing it at this point is pretty cheesy and low grade storytelling revolving around a deus ex machina.

The only way I really see them coming back is if a future movie involves the Astral Plane, it can be explained away that due to being a telepath, all the people that Jean killed were sent to the Astral Plane, as well as Jean herself, and have them rescued from the Astral Plane.

It's cheesy, but it makes more sense than having them come back just cuz "off screen death! Phoenix! Time travel! HERP DERP!"

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