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Default Re: The Batmobile Thread

Originally Posted by ZaneOlson View Post
I really liked the Tumbler, but I would like to see something more performance driven (no pun intended). Maybe something along these lines,

I think the plating is a little much, but I like the idea of having a car that car out perform and out muscle anything else.

Also, it doesn't have all the bat insignia stuff all over it. How could Wayne buy or manufacture that in secret? I giant car with rocket engine and his logo plastered all over the damn thing.
This but give it some fins off the back like the Burtonmobile and a more defined cockpit and we're set.

I love the Burtonmobile, it's the best damn batmobile in any medium, so I hope they draw very, very, VERY close inspiration from that.

I hate every batmobile that came after, and I especially hate the ****ing Tumbler. Thing's not even a batmobile. It's bull****.

It can LOOK like a damn batmobile AND still be "functional". Because hey, guess what....

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

So think on that.

Runner up for best batmobile would definitely have tp be the one from the animated series, season 4/Justice League. That batmobile was awesome and looked similar to the Burtonmobile yet was its own thing - PERFECT batmobile concept if they do it in a movie again, IMO. NEEDS to be done.

I really do love the "turbine/jet engine" look of the burtonmobile though. I would love it of that were somehow incorporated in there. Man, that design really is so perfect in many ways. God, I love it.

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