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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
Now that Xavier is back, I think any major character dispatched by the Dark Phoenix has a chance of returning. Whatever explaination they come up with for Prof. X, I am sure there will be some elements of cheese. While I don't think Marsden will have more than a cameo in the movie, the movie will need to devote time explaining how he came back as well (assuming that's the case). So unless they can merge that explanation along with Charles' return, then I am not sure it is even worth it to go down that road. If Cyclops gets a meatier role, 10-15 minutes worth, it is most likely the result of an altered timeline. In the off chance that Cyke survived the events of Alkali Lake, you have to explain what he's been up to all that time (10 years post TLS). Some ideas to throw out:

1. He lost his glasses in his last appearance with Jean. So if he didn't die, he'd still be blind and totally unaware of what is going on around him.
2. He was probably scooped up by military forces or he took shelter somewhere, while the events of TLS unfolded. Or he was kidnapped by another mutant/antagonist to be studied.
3. He stayed in hiding for some time. With Storm running the school, maybe he didn't feel the need to return. There was also no need to take revenge on Magneto, since he was powerless. Or maybe he took the cure himself to regain his vision, and then was placed in a mutant prison once his powers returned.

Again, I'm not advocating they go down that road. But at the same time, a cameo appearance seems kinda underwhelming. If both Jean/Cyke return at the end in an alternate future, then it sort of has that happy ending vibe, but it seems rather contrived to me.
if cyclops is alive still then by that logic it would mean cyclops has been away for 10 years

i think singer will stick to the idea cyclops is dead though tbh

as for time travel bringing them back, i have never fully thought you could do that very easy and have the audience care, as an end cameo could come across as cheesy fan service very easy with very little impact, there isn't really a simple way to explain how time travel fixed these turn of events

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