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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 10

Originally Posted by BeholdMe View Post
But what if they signed a contract to make like 2 more movies. By after credit scene what would that be, an future were everything is back to normal I dont know how they could end the movie without being referenced to AOA. I hate what they are doing with FF4 that could be a big movie if done right,what are these studios doing, they need us fans working for them.
I could see a Planet of the Apes type ending; like the apes have completely taken over and only a few normal humans remain. Obviously the Burton movie never got a sequel. So you could still end it with something like that. Will audiences really get it though? Or will only the fans... I'm not sure. Certainly a provocative ending, but I'm not sure it would resonate with the masses. Especially if there is another purple guy smiling at the end. I also don't believe FF fits into the picture in any way regarding DoFP. It may have influence with films later on, but I don't think Singer will shoehorn that stuff into this one.

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