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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

I didn't mind the lack or armor. It's like people complaining about "not enough" Batman in TDKR. That was a Bruce Wayne movie, and he was the focus, so it was a Batman movie, regardless of whether he was in the suit or not. IM 3 was the same way, Tony Stark is IM, he was the focus of the movie, so it IS an IM movie, regardless of if he's in the armor or not. The malfunctioning suits were also fine, he was obsessed and losing it after what happened in TA, so the newer suits were of poorer quality, that's a reasonable explanation. As for dislikes, there was too much comedy that killed to tension of scenes that should have been serious and dramatic. I'm still trying to understand what Maya's motives were. Was Killain connected to the Ten Rings at all, or was he just using the symbolism? The lack of SHIELD was puzzling, since they seemed to be interested in going after the Ten Rings in IM 1. There were other inconsistencies like that that were annoying. Tony mentioning off-hand that he fixed Pepper when Extremis was supposed to be this dangerous threat. Killain forgetting that he can breathe fire when he was face to face with Tony multiple times, etc.

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