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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 10

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
technically it would most likely work with some student having training before becoming X-men, otherwise any of them can stand up and say i wanna be an x-man... ok put the uniform on
eh... dude, the TEAM decides who becomes a team-member. you just can't decide you want to be an X-man and suddenly become one.

Xavier decided on the original team, and wolvie

we arn't really sure who decided on gen 2 (Bobby, Rogue, Kitty, Colossus) but i guarantee wolverine was part of the deciding factor, and I'm quite sure Xavier, Storm and maybe Cyclops (if he was emotionally capable) would have felt the same way Wolverine did about making them team-mates.

I think you essentially have to be asked to be part of the team. The X-men are the teachers after all and Xavier has stated (and first class even showed) that teaching how to control ones abilities is indeed part of the school curriculum. So the X-men do already have a good look into what students have potential to be X-men someday. And probably just ask them if they're interested and want to train once they're 17-18.

obviously we've never seen the in's and outs of this on screen, but it's a logical inference. Rogue and Bobby at least were just special exceptions. The same kinda logic is all over the comics, especially in the sense of "Young Avengers" (not an x-men book but the same logic applies). The Avengers wanted the team shut down because they felt they were far too young to be doing heroics... but the team eventually proved themselves mature and responsible enough and the Avengers let them do there thing.

I think the same notion is what happened with Rogue and Bobby. They earned there "X" in X2 and the team decided to make them teammates.

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