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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
It wasn't just personal revenge! It was a crazy person trying to justifying his hatred of an entire race because of a personal issue.
So, you're saying it was personal.

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
He was the most hardcore anti mutant racist we have seen in any of the x-films...
Sure. He was the bad guy.

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
Stryker sent his son to Xavier to be 'cured' or 'fixed', he was already anti-mutant before his wife died. But after that it sent him over the edge. He was experimenting on mutants and using them as slaves. He hated their existence and was about to commit world wide genocide. If it was only a personal revenge he would have just killed Xavier. X2 showed us someone who discriminated against mutants so much he turned his mutant son into a vegetable to help kill off the rest of the mutant population!

If someone joined the KKK because he was once hurt by a non-white person and it filled him with hatred does that not count as someone who is a racist discriminatory person or just someone looking for personal revenge?
Yes, one person, for personal reasons, decided to go against the whole race. It was racist, but the movie was just about his racism, unlike X1 and X3 where discrimination happened at many levels of society.

I'm not even saying it's wrong, but the discussion started when you said that elements about discrimination were gone in X3 and turns out in X2 were present only through Stryker whereas in X3 they were all over the plot.

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
I didn't see discrimination much in X3. Nobody was forcing anyone to take the cure and even so, thats a less worse fate than having your brain explode... X1 had Senator Kelly, X2 had Stryker , Magnetos guard and a little bit of the President. X3 had Warrens father who had no arc and hardly a purpose. It was a forced Discrimination story and you can tell it was forced because he had like 3 minor pointless scenes. And he still loved his son and he wasn't hateful.
So if the government came up with a "cure" for being black, or gay... that wouldn't be considered discriminatory just because it's optional? That was the whole society being discriminatory in an indirect way, which was smart because some people would say that it's okay since nobody's being forced to do anything. But truth is that the very concept of "cure" officially defines mutation as a disease.

And yes, Warren's father was discriminatory because he was afraid of being cast out of his important social circle. It was just one example, but the whole society was reacting to the "cure" idea, which made X3 about discrimination on a broad scale whereas X2 was about one man's issue.

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