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Default Re: The Batmobile Thread

Originally Posted by ZaneOlson View Post
That's the Batmobile I grew up with, but every time I see it I think about who ridiculous it would be to drive. Same with the tumbler I guess but it felt better because it was all power. The Burtonmobile felt like plastic to me for some reason. Personally, I want to see something like an armoured sports car. Something Wayne could outfit with drawing to much attention to the building process but also something plausible so it can be worked on and tuned. I hate to against the grain here, but please no fins. They always looked so tacked on and useless.
MUST have fins of some sort. Even if they are small. Preferably like the Burtonmobile fins. They are a must for me in some form. They're what make sthe batmobile, come on, man.

And I would opt for something close to the Burtonmobile as far as design goes but make it out of different materials, modern day ones so it doesn't look "plastic". If they built that exact car today withtoday's film materials it would look more metalic and less "flimsy" for sure.

Burtonmobile is every bit as plastic as the Tumbler. Most people are just still in the haze of Nolan's "movie magic" and we've already passed through Burton's, one day people will get that all are just as "fake".

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