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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

This is what the script says.

NICK Don't kill me... don't kill me... Nick opens his eyes... the BAT is standing on the ledge of the roof -- HOLDING HIM OUT, at arm's length, over six stories of nothingness. A rasping VOICE. BATMAN You're trespassing, Ratbreath. Nick looks down. Far, far below, CARS wink silently past. He looks up. And sees, in the mirrored lenses where Batman's eyes should be, the twin reflections of his own stricken face. NICK Trespassing? You don't own the night. BATMAN Tell your friends. Tell all your friends. I AM the night. Nick HOWLS. Batman heaves him roughly back onto the tar- and-gravel surface of the roof. And then -- casually, without a moment's hesitation -- steps off the ledge, into midair..
What really interests me is the part about the lenses. It sounds like they planned on having Batman with white eyes.

I also like that line much more.

Nick: You don't own the night
Batman: Tell your friends. Tell all your friends I AM the night!

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