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Default Re: Rate the characters in The Wolverine

Logan 9,5 - Excellent portrayal of Wolverine. Love it.

Yukio 9 - She makes me feel like a dirty old man.

Mariko 8 - Very likable character, I'm pleased Mariko wasn't more rushed. She makes me feel like a dirty but not so old man.
Shingen 8 - Nice authority and presence. Loved the fight scene.
Yashida 7,5 - Liked both old and young Yashida. Limited screentime lowers the number, but what can I do.

Silver Samurai 7 - Didn't bother me as much as I thought. I think I can learn to like it.
Viper 5,5 - Out of place, trying too hard. Might learn to accept after seeing the movie a couple more times. Or not. At least she got offed in style.
Harada 6,5 - Nothing wrong with the character itself, but the story wouldn't suffer much if Harada got thrown out of the movie. Nice shooting, though. Probably will accept in the future.

Jean Grey 8+ - I was never ever a fan of Jean being Wolverine's love interest. Very forced in my mind, especially in X3. However, the dream scenes were done in style, fit the narrative of Logan's struggle, and wrapped up the "Wolvie loves Jean" love story in a very satisfying manner. I might even not dislike X3 so much anymore, just because of how all of this was handled.

(edit: oh yeah, the Bear! 9+)

The movie itself: Solid 9.

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