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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
Lucky the magic of film making can make them look older
That would just bloat the budget.

The OT cast (the more appealing cast) is aging and it won't be a good idea to give them a long break again.

The FC cast could wait. And I doubt the GA would want to see a FC3 first before another film with the OT cast.

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
^Exactly, they dont need to age as make-up can do that for an actor, plus you dont want them getting too old for the role as then the young/old versions will be too interchangeable.

Personally I think FC3 should come next as the GA seem a bit tired of the same old characters IMO. Or you could do both and release them a year apart.
Uh no.

As if DOFP is buzzing because of the return of the cast of First Class. Its the opposite.

Part of the appeal of DOFP is the reunion factor.

And as if the characters that the FC cast are portraying are the characters we haven't seen in the original trilogy and the previous films. So that doesn't make sense.

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