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Default Re: Halo 5 speculation (spoilers for Halo 4)

- Bring The Arbitor, Brutes & factions of the Covenant back.
- Introduce new species of Aliens.
- Revamp the Prometheans.
- Hire another composer for the sequel.
- Engineer more original weapons.
- Feature various other worlds.
- Format needs re-tooling. It's getting repetitive.
- Expand on the Spartan IVs.
- Chief vs Didact: Round 2 has to be more climactic.

343 developers have stressed that they are massive Halo fans, and I believe them. Halo 4 had the best plot in the saga yet. Now they have to build on it. The story has to be compelling because the format is lackluster. At some point too; a war will erupt, Cortana will return, unlikely alliances will be formed, new enemies will reveal themselves, etc.

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