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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

That's pretty funny, I remember when Kilmer was cast as a kid how truly upset it got me when my dad told me Michael Keaton wouldn't be Batman any more, if I remember correctly at the age of around 9 I cried.

All it took was me seein the BF trailer (with the Elman score) play winter of 95 around March on a big screen at a Warner Bros store (I'm sure you remember those) to get me geeked out and super excited about the new Batman film. They had already had out shirts with the bat and question mark which I got that moment, that logo was so sleek, mysterious and cool, I can actully remember the feeling of excitement at that moment.

As a kid I loved BF and had absolutely no problem with it aside from them ditching Elfman's theme to me that WAS Batman.

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