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Default Re: How to make the spiderman web shooters.

Originally Posted by JaredRmz View Post
Hey guys, have you thought of a 3D model of the web shooter?, I have a design, not a 3D, but a one if you 3D printed on steel or thick plastic, could work.
I don't know if it can work to well, but if you seal it or something, it won't spill, I will upload a video on my YouTube channel: JaredRmz, for you to see the design and see if it can help you, Also, I have adjusted my formula, which is now available for a 600ml container (:
First thing: don't post here, this thread is over. go on the links above.
Second thing: I know what you do on Youtube and I don't like how you don't credit these forums for your ideas, because most aren't yours.
Third thing: many of us have 3d models online, and it is expensive to 3d print.
Last thing: since I am a christian person, i forgive you for what you have been doing, and feel free to work with us.

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