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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

As a kid, it's hard to get past the "coolness" factor of any movie to see its flaws. I wasnt even 10 years old when BF came out, so of course, I loved every second and got every toy I could get my hands on. I even liked B&R, although I think I was more into all of the awesome toys that came out with that one. So, in a sense, we could say that Schumacher accomplished exactly what WB wanted him to, which was bring the kids back into theaters for Batman and to push the insane toy line they had going for them.

Upon growing up and being able to truly understand things like character/story devlopment (as well as studio interference/politics), I was faced with the harsh reality that these 2 Schumacher films weren't all that great after all. That realization was definitely a sad moment for me, lol

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