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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

I just found the scene in the script.

REVERSE ANGLE to see Vicki Vale, taking the photo of the year. She looks down at him and shakes her head. A SHOUT FROM ELSEWHERE wakes her up. VOICE Batman's fallen to the ground. Over there. Vicki spins around. LOOKS in that direction and follows the voice. EXT. CATHEDRAL GROUNDS - NIGHT People run toward the place where Batman has fallen. CLOSER We see the figure of Batman completely covered with his cape, face-down in the courtyard. A CIRCLE OF PEOPLE, press, and police surround him. Commissioner Gordon steps into the circle. VOICE Turn him over, now we'll see who this guy is. Gordon approaches the body. Vicki RUSHES UP. Looks down at the cape-covered body. Looking at her camera, conflicted, she raises it to take her prize photo. ON CAPE -- as Gordon pulls back cape and turns over the body. TIGHT ON FACE -- it's not Bruce Wayne, it's a groggy Alexander Knox (in his own clothes). ON VICKI -- she flashes a picture and brings down her camera. A smile plays across her face. ON KNOX -- he blinks his eyes at the light. KNOX Can I still make the late edition? EXT. ELSEWHERE IN THE SQUARE - NIGHT Through a crowd, A MAN walks into a side street. He turns around. It's Bruce Wayne. He's got his utility belt over his shoulder. He DISAPPEARS into the darkness.

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