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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
Darkseid was horrible in Smallville, after Doomsday they should have known better. Turning him into the devil was insulting. I also didn't like the Lionel Luthor ploy, it just seemed like a lame attempt to redo evil Lionel from the earlier seasons when they had already changed him. If S10 had focused on Clark proving the govt and world could trust him and then at the end discovering they needed the hidden hero to have a face that would have been good. But I do wish they would not have done the whole govt/military equals evil route.
Ah "insulting", typical fanboy outrage. If it wasn't pathetic enough already. Smallville has always changed the characters to fit the story they were telling. Darkseid being the "devil" is no different than Doomsday having a human alter ego. Plus, he wasn't really the devil, he did bring his alien planet and we were told about the apokoliptans and Orion being his son, so his origin as the alien warlord was probably still intact, he just didn't have a physical body. I wanted to see more of that story because there were too many things happening in S10 at once, and Darkseid didn't really get a chance to shine. I knew I wasn't going to see huge battles, this story was about the young hero accepting his destiny, not about the powerhouse vs the epic villain. We did get that in Man of Steel and seems like many weren't happy as well. So what exactly do some people want is beyond me. I don't think they even know themselves.

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