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Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Which is why Mandarin is B list, D-List is a completelly different stage. He may not top Magneto or Dr. Doom but he still not D-List. As for toping marvel comics lists, IGN did put him in the 100 top comic book villains.

Which includes DC villains too.
Hey alright he ranked 81 on one list haha! I would have actually placed him higher then alot of those on there.

In the IM world I agree he's an A/B list villain. In the whole comic world I completely disagree. But to each their own. I'm not trying to take a dig at him as one of Iron Mans villains or place him in the dumb ass villain category. He's one of the decent ones for Stark. I assume we are talking how popular these characters are based in the comic world, which is usually how the A,B,C,D list thing goes down, and thats why I just don't get your B ranking at all. Bottom feeder Batman villains had more popularity then that guy. Iron Man was B list even as an Avenger member, how do you think the popularity was for his rogue gallery for a solo that never sold well? Prior to the films, barely anyone who didn't know Iron Man knew who the hell that guy was. And even with the film I still don't think he's that popular or in demand for comics.

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