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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 10


Quite frankly, that "really weird stuff" is when the comics, cartoons, and video games start to lose my interest.

It's like "okay, you went from a superhero story with some very strong and deep themes, character, heart, and motives, to "PEW PEW SPACESHIPS!! PEW PEW MONSTERS!! PEW PEW OMGWTFPWN DIS IZ SOOO COOL!!!!!1"

And I'm just over here like "*yawn* wake me up when you're back to the stories that are worthwhile"

Apocalypse is one of those characters that straddles that line. On one hand, Apocalypse can be pretty well done, well thought out, and fit in with the deep themes that X-Men is built upon. But on the other hand, Apocalypse also very easily falls on the other side of the line that just because ridiculous and absurd.

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