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Default Re: Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

I'm not sick of Wolverine or Tony Stark.

Does that mean that I want Wolverine to be the leader of every film? No. He's done that enough by now, and there are plenty of other characters who haven't had their due yet in the films. Wolverine is my favorite character and I adore Hugh, but contrary to what some continue to assume, that doesn't mean I need him front and center in every film, especially not at the expense of other characters.

That being said, Wolverine being the time traveller makes sense in the current filmverse. If they're branching the FC and OT casts (which is a bloody brilliant concept), then he's the one who was around in both timelines and looks virtually the same. Kitty wasn't born yet during the FC timeline, and people who only know the movies don't know Bishop, so introducing him could eat a lot of screentime out of the story they're trying to tell.

And not for nothing, but anyone who's been following this film should not be surprised that Kitty isn't the time traveller. Since when is a teenager in the early 21st century around in 1973?

From what we've seen of the trailer, it looks like a lot of it deals with reconciling what goes on between Magneto and Xavier in the past, so it's better story wise to send someone who knows them, and who's someone the audience knows as well.

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