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Dry Re: Am I the only one who is pro-Special Editions?

Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
Personally I don't mind Hayden being inserted into the ending, because when you look at the two trilogies as a whole, I feel like the other guy isn't really in it enough to justify being there at the end with Obi-Wan and Yoda.
Dude's been revealed as the guy behind the mask in the previous scene, and now he shows up again with his afterlife facelift. Heard this argument a couple times before, never got it - HE hasn't been in it much, but in-universe, he's BEEN DARTH VADER THE WHOLE TIME, and then only has one scene where he shows his face (for obvious dramatic reasons). Of course it's the same bloke in the ghost scene, that's what Vader looks like after all.

Agree with Yub - always found that one corny; way too frolic in a cringe-inducing kind of way, Sounds like Diabetes. New one's very good (minus "wesa free", of course), even though I'm not sure if maybe some kind of other tune/atmosphere would've matched that scene better.
But it does capture the sort of melancholic, bittersweet mood that came immediately before, instead of throwing it all away for a corny dance party ending, so more power to it.

All the other major (= noticeable) changes I'd pretty much have rather cut out or maybe as an "alternative DVD version" or something. Some are very good by themselves (new Emperor, the ****ing Jabba scene; heck even the Wampa) but just kind of feel out of place, others (like the Tattoine arrival sequence, or Jedi Rocks) would qualify as hilarious DVD easter eggs but **** are they annoying in the movie.
The awkward Greedo shot first shot, complete with Han's epic head bob, would've been IDEAL for a DVD gag, as well, now that I think about it.

As for the minor ones... sorry, would anyone know where I can watch the OOT again, in good quality? Anywhere on the web by any chance? I'm kind of confused there...

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