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Default Re: 14 Ways to Make Iron Man 4 Better than Iron Man 3

Mandarin is done, no retcons or excuses. The ****ed up move on.

My suggestions:


Don't repeat the Tony goes from a douchebag to good person storyline again and again.

#2 Go back to belivable tech. Iron Man 1 and 2 had a natural progression. Then Iron Man 3 had his armour fly when it's in pieces and somehow attach to him, he could step in and out of armours all of a sudden making it that anyone could be Iron Man, not to mention the fire guys.

#2 Have Pepper go back to being an outsider of the superhero world. She works better as a spectator than a participant.

#3 Use some villains who aren't connected to Tony.

#4 if there are other armours, have them show their specialities otherwise they're just all the same just visually different to sell toys.

#5 Have Tony likable, like in the first movie.


or they should just reboot it. 1/3 good movies is not a good record.

Either way Iron Man seems to have run his course imo, there's a reason he never retained icon/flagship statue in the comics.


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