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Default Re: The Empire Strikes Back Appreciation Thread

Movie's transcendental awesomeness from start to finish lol.

With that said, just to be a dick - while not really "flaws", I've always had slight issues with
1) Chewie's "sad growls" throughout the movie, mostly the last act, and
2) C3's "cut-to-what-the-comic-relief-character-has-to-say-to-this" when he's on 1)'s back.

Both great in their own way (1's emotionally compelling, expands the character; helps set up a mood of dread and despair right from the start; 2's obviously funny on its own, and also consistent with his general "oblivious self-centered *******" personality), they haven't really been used this way in Star Wars (1 moved between gentle giant to mean badass and that's it; 2's humor was always a natural part of the scene, never intrusive - only exception being the "I'm melting" bit towards the end - which obviously was a "safer" way of using its quirky sidekicks), and to a small degree, like 5% maybe, it does admittedly feel a bit annoying and jarring.

But anyways... one thing I love to death about this movie that was well captured in the awesome OP, is all the unrelated ways in which the universe seems to hold darkness and danger for the protagonists, right from the start.
Luke and the wampa, as well as the lethal temperatures there, the asteroidosaur with ******* jerkbats flying around in its belly, the evil snakes / swamp monsters on Dagobah, and of course at Bespin, the hostile robot that shoots C3PO (preceded by a rude robot, respectively) and the evil gnomes working for the station.
Why are they such jerks, throwing around C3's head like that? They're just workers at the gasmine, right?
Well, none of that is in any way related to the Empire, or even necessarily makes sense in itself, especially the Bespin bits - but it makes complete sense to our "magical thinking", the sense that the whole world is somehow devolving into a desolate nightmare when some kind of unexpected problem arises.

No, it's not just that the Empire, an organized organization of British space nazis, is planning a powerful reprisal - the whole world, along with weather and fauna, seems to go wrong! Planting its little traps and stings in every little corner... as if to say "this is the part where you get ****ed". It's felt in the air... seen in even something as simple as a closing gate... and totally perceived by Chewbacca

Just ****ing awesome, love this movie.

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