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Default Re: Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

Am I sick of Wolverine being the focus of five films now? Yes. I like Hugh but its time he knows what it feels like to show up on set and have his character have no real purpose to the story. I mean if I didn't already know the other characters I could tell you very little about many of them.

And since we're bringing Iron Man and the Avengers into this I will say that if the X-men movies divided up time the way The Avengers did I would probably be much happier and accepting of Wolverine having more screen time. Avengers was not the Iron Man show people claim it to be did he have more screen time? Maybe, I honestly couldn't tell, but the other characters got more than a fair amount so that no character other than Hawkeye really felt shafted, imo. I understood introducing Wolverine as a lead in X1 but I never understood why he was kept as a lead for two movies after that and then given not one but two solo movies.

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