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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
You know who'd beat both of them like petulant children?


I can't say this did not make me smile... Because it did.

Ahem... Annnnnnyyyyywaaaay..............

I understand why many of the Thor faithful were unhappy with this mini movie. But I just ate it up. It really was like a comic book in motion. Even down to the plot contrivance that has the Hulk able to "almost kill" Thor, only to have another contrivance "bring him back from the brink". Isn't this what happens in comics all the time? Anger that Thor was "beaten" clouds the fans ability to see just how awesome this thing is. Thor does come off great in this. He and the entirety of Asgard look freaking stunning! Where else have Sif, Amora, Hela, Valkyrie, TW3 and the rest ever looked so good in animation? Even EMH did not do them justice. It's a shame to my eyes that the fans don't like this more. It's great. As fans of Marvel comics let me ask you, would you want more things like HULK vs. or more product like what is currently available? More AGENTS OF S.M.A.S.H., AVENGERS ASSEMBLE and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN?

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