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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Damnit Psylockolussus just stop dude. Maintsream film snobs are the worst. Especially when they can't make decisions for themselves and are using other peoples opinions as facts over their own.

It shouldn't matter what critics think. Is it an added bonus when they agree with the viewers opinon? sure. Judge a film by your own merits. Theres alot of films that just don't lend themselves to critics even though theres an audience. I laughed my ass off in both We're The Millers and Kick-Ass 2. That was the point. Entertainment and having a good time.
I judge films by own merit. Sex and the City the Movie, Spice World and Mamma Mia and even X3/Fantastic Four/G.I Joe are some of my favorite movies of all time. And they all have rotten ratings in RT.

But in my opinion, its not smart to hire a writer who was a screenwriter to a film that wasn't well-received by the critics and critics will still have an effect on the film whether you, the fan community, the general audience and I enjoyed the film. Like if FOX is gonna make superhero films, they should hire people with a good track record/resume/filmography, not just because they enjoyed Kick-Ass 2 and they thought it was funny despite getting a low rating in RT.

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