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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread - Part 1

BTAS Episode: The Man Who Killed Batman

  • The Ace Chemical Plant, where Joker holds Batman's funeral, is the place where, according to several comics continuities, the Joker fell into a vat of toxic waste during his first meeting with the Batman and became who he is today. It appeared in the comics story Batman: The Killing Joke. This was later confirmed in the episode Beware the Creeper.
  • This episode reflects that the animated series has largely adopted the film's version of the Joker's origin. Likewise, in the episode "Dreams in Darkness", Dr. Bartholomew refers to the Joker by his "real name" of Jack Napier, the name given to him in the film.
  • The fight exaggerated by the shadows is perhaps a parody of the darkly lit fights in the opening sequence.
  • The Joker makes a pun on the Latin term "corpus delicti" using the words "batus delecti" while wondering whether or not Batman is actually dead.
  • In his eulogy for Batman, Joker opens with "Dear friends, today is The Day The Clown Cried..." a reference to the shelved Jerry Lewis film.
  • Bruce Timm stated that the idea for the episode came when he and Dini debated on what it would be like if Batman was not present for the majority of the episode. Indeed, it is one of the most-acclaimed episodes of the series.
  • Paul Dini was actually worried that people would think Harley playing Amazing Grace on a kazoo as the coffin containing Sidney is lowered into waste was sacrilegious, but nothing came out of it.
  • The tune was performed by Arleen Sorkin, Harley's voice actress, in one take. In an interview, Dini stated that it was fortunate that Sorkin was able to complete the song in one take, as immediately after that, she and the remainder of the voice cast also broke into uncontrollable laughter, and "we'd have never gotten a second take of it".
  • Sidney's nickname, "Sid the Squid", was apparently popular with the writers at Warner Bros. Animation at the time, as it was also used for one of the enemies of Animaniacs character Slappy Squirrel. It also appeared in the previous episode "Robin's Reckoning" as a past alias of Tony Zucco. The name "Squid" is improvised by Eddie G. when he notices the logo of a company called "Coburn Calamari"; "Killer Coburn" was another of Zucco's aliases.
  • Harley playing the kazoo while the coffin rolls down into the acid is a parody of the funeral for Mr. Spock in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • The idea that the Joker does not want Batman dead and enjoys fighting him time and time again is reminiscent of one often put forward in various DC continuities, most notably in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight.
  • In Mark Hamill's introduction for the book "The Joker: A Visual History Of The Clown Prince Of Crime" (2011), he specifically mentioned the scene from this episode where Joker gave Batman's solemn eulogy, casually sent Sid to his death, and then said "Well, that was fun! Who's for Chinese?" Hamill credits both the scene and the line, "Without Batman, crime has no punchline", with being the single most significant moment to him "getting" the character of the Joker. Hamill would perform the eulogy in Star Wars Celebration VI.
  • Harley uses her real name when posing as a lawyer, despite having been arrested already (and thus having the police department know her real name and identity). This hole was possibly made due to her real name, Harleen Quinzel, not being confirmed yet (or perhaps that Harley Quinn was meant to be her real name), thus, the writers used a name that sounded like her alias, which would eventually become her real identity.
  • When Joker pinches Harley's cheek at the funeral scene, her normally blue eyes turn black. They revert back to blue when Joker lets go.

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