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Well, he was.
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Default Re: Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

Originally Posted by xrs13 View Post
I joined these forums because I didn't see many arguements or people berating what others thought too much, but it turns out you're all just a bunch of meanies! *runs into a corner crying with arms flailing in the air*.

I love wolverine and I love Hugh, but even I would like to see some other characters step into the spotlight. I need more storm and nightcrawler. I do however think that the x-men movieverse needed someone like wolverine to be somewhat of a focus until now, plus you cant forget that he is still one of THE most popular characters in the comics to date. Why wouldnt fox have chosen him as their main attraction, especially when trying to bring x1 out in the first place.

I personally dont think wolverine was the main character in X2 because I think that it was far more of an ensemble movie than most ensemble movies, and that includes the avengers. For me I dont think it was hard for the avengers to do the ensemble because each character had a film dedicated to themselves somewhat. The X-men where thrust onto the big screen with only wolverine and rogue joining a team that was already established. Whilst wolverine may have had a lot of scenes in x2 I personally think they were all shared with characters that needed the development in the film. If you look at Iceman the first time I take notice of him is at the start of the attack on the mansion when he is talking to logan in the kitchen. And whilst you may say that could have been done with anyone, It couldnt because they were all off doing things together i.e. scott and xavier and jean and storm. It worked how an x-men movie should.

I am probably rambling but the point is that yeah characters are overexposed somewhat but usually with good reason. Iron man was overexposed from day one but it helped gel the avengers because people were already connected to him far more than they were with thor and cap.
Great post. I feel the same about X2, it developed and balanced most of the characters better than any other superhero team movie.

Originally Posted by SAUspartan View Post
Over Exposed? I don't recall him being in Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel today.
Thats pretty much "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Avengers" fromwhat i've seen.


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