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Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post
Hopefully, they'll have it so FC is the result of Wolverine's time-travel, thus the 'plotholes'.

After The Wolverine, he's recruited by Xavier and Magneto for a coming war. However they end up failing, thus Wolvy is sent back in time.

He gets sent back to the 40's, too far back by accident. The butterfly effect causes things to be different (thus why Eric and Charles don't meet when they're 17, why several people are born 'earlier', etc).

Stewart and McKellan are getting old. Let this be their last film.

The FC timeline should be the new time-line and time-period moving forward, where we can see a young (recast) Scott, Jean, and Storm joining the Xmen, the lead-characters for future movies, this time with Wolvy as the experienced one (should Jackman return).

(I feel like a hint at those three would be a great ending for DOFP; dossier files on 'Summers', 'Grey', and 'Monro'. )
The producers and cast have implied that the OT cast will be continuing and so will the FC one. There will likely be two timelines that the sequels are set in. They aren't scrapping the OT one.

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